Houses, utilities and training.

Monday 7th:viewed another flat.  V nice and in good order but the kitchen was tiny so thats a nono.  Put a note of interest in on a property and that will go to a closing date.  Got surveyors going in on Thursday to take a look at damp.  Called utility companies as the meters are pay as you go and I would want to pay by DD.

Got my train tickets for London to Pompey in June, ordered but cant book my bike on till 1st June!  No training today.

Tuesday 8th:started the day with a set of hill reps, ran down to Harbourmasters Brae and did 7 reps up it.  Schedule called for 5 but I felt good so did an extra 2.  Distance was 3.64 in 40:26 av pace of 11:05 with 456 feet of climb.

Second session of the day was a journey ride to Leven.  Normally 9 miles and along a flat road I took a convoluted route which ended up being 19.5 miles 1:17:04 15mph av with 881 feet of climb.  Finished the day off with a 5.8 mile walk along the beach at Leven.

Wednesday the 9th Spent some of the morning gardening not quite a first but not one of my normal activities either.  Of course when I eventually get my own house I will have some gardening to do…….even if I just slab the bugger OH and that is the royal I lolololol

Journey ride back to Kirkcaldy again by a convoluted route using quiet roads and trying to find as much hills as I could.  23.05 miles in 1:49:10 an av of 12.7 mph against a strong wind 1455 ft of climbing.



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