Bid in and plan B

Thurs 10th:Got the results of the survey for damp in flat 2.2 k repairs reqd. Contacted lawyer and put bid in. Closing date weds, sitting with fingers crossed but looking at 2 I have seen previously as a back up plan getting twitchy now I want a house! Trg for today was a 7 mile run with an old friend. He has run in the past but put a few lbs on! We met at Beveridge park and ran along the coastal path. 11.16 miles 1:48:07 av pace 9:41. Great day to be out running. Wee T stop at Kinghorn. Evening out to the local Wetherspoons with Muff for the ale festival.
Fri 11th:Short easy recovery run today with a detour to have a nosey at a flat. 3 miles 28:58 av pace 9:38 ahr 141 which seems high for that run. Garmin FR 305 has been acting up. New bike mount for iPhone arrd today
Sat 12th:Bike ride along Coast road to BIsland then home over ATool road. 20.82 miles in 1:45:34 av 11.8 mph with Gordon Dixon from GTC. Put new case on the Ridley it’s bulky but does the job. Only downside I can’t use ant+ devices. Sat evening Carnegie theatre with Muff for That’s Fife.
Sun 13th: long lie then out on coastal path to meet up with Artist Peter Howson on his walk for autism. Saw him as he motored past! Wee snack in the Harbourmasters cafe then back to house. Last Trg session of the week was a tempo session. 4.25 miles in 38:13 av 8:59 tempo pace 7:12.
Spoke to Keith about my impending visit to Sunderland.
That’s week 2 of my pre retirement vacation over and it feels like I’m on a training camp!


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