Viewing, running and biking in Fife

Monday 14th:  Short easy run today which included a visit to the local council run pool and sports facility.  Having retired I can no longer use my (ex) employers gym!  I have looked at 3 local gyms and as usual its not a clear cut decision.  However I think I will opt for a privately run gym called The Priory.  I will think about it for a few more weeks and enrol for a trial period in May.  Lets get back to the run! 4.75 miles in 42:59 it was a great day to be out and the views across the Forth were amazing. Not warm enough for shorts and a tee but nearly. Yoga started back tonight and to say I was stiff is an understatement even with increased stretching before and after almost every session!

Tuesday 15th: Another bright sunny day today.  An earlyish start for me this morning as I am meeting Maureen from Glenrothes tri club for a cycle.  I have a viewing at 14:30 so slightly constrained but that shouldnt be a problem, as it turned out it was as I wasnt back till 13:50!  We headed east along the coast road and then inland as the traffic built up.  Maureen wanted to try out some new routes so I took her inland on quiet almost single track roads.  Fife is a land rich in agriculture and the fields were spread out below as we paralled the Silvery Tay.

We completed 43 miles in 3:41:14 an av of 11.7 on a hily route and into some winds!  No climbing data available.

It was then onto my viewing part of the Plan B from my last post.  A flat I had seen before but wanted to look at again.  Roll on tomorrow when I will find out about my bid on Christie Place.


Weds 16th:  Today Muff and I are going to be tourists and Tram spotters!  If you live in Scotland you must know about the debacle that is the Edinburgh Trams.  Now complete they are doing “live” tests on the trax, of the trams-or so we heard. So we donned our boots and pith helmets and went exploring.  Before we even entered the city evidence could be seen of the fabled transport system!  Indeed trams were travelling along Princess St generally unhindered and in pairs!!

We bought tickets for the open top bus tour and for the Camera Obscura on the Royal Mile.  The tour was a bit dry and the commentary was recorded and not given by a person however the Camera Obscura was a great place to visit.  If you stay in or near a city I would recommend having a tourist day so you can see yourselves “as ithers see ye”  Inbetween the bus tour and CO we managed to grab some food and visit the shops which left a considerably larger hole in my wallet than planned!!No training today but we did put in some miles walking around Edinburgh, which is built on 7 hills!

Thursday 17th: Plan B it is.  Heard today that I had not won the flat I bid for.  Could be a cloud with a silver lining as it did need a lot of work.  Plan B-Make an offer on a flat I have now seen 3 times!

I had planned on getting out on the bike today but have to stay in to take delivery of two courier parcels and one mail parcel. I also have to go to the mail depot and collect one which they tried to deliver yesterday.  The time wont be wasted as I need to get packed for a weekend of munro bashing, hopefully knock off 3 or 4, mountain biking and trail running.




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