Home ownership, training and a reunion!

Monday 21st:A busy week one in which I finally bought a property. I was getting a bit antsy and had started revisiting properties I had seen before. I put an offer in on one of them which was accepted so fingers crossed I will pick the keys up on the 19th May!
Bike 26.8 miles 1:57:23 av spd 13.7 ahr 125 av cad 74. Nice easy ride easterly wind. Easy run 5.01 48:06 av pace 9:36 ahr 131 trail run. Finished the day off with a yoga session.

Tuesday 22nd:Hill reps 3.27 35:03 av pace 10:43 ahr 121 max 183 only 3 hill reps. Where does the day go??

Weds 23rd: A nice easy ride along the Fife Coastal Path with Muff to Elie a stop for some lunch then out to a farm shop and back to Leven. 21.83 miles 3:42:28. Easterly wind which held us up on way out but didn’t seem to help on way back! Once more finished the day with a yoga session

Thurs 24th:Muffs mum (Toni) collapsed at home she was disoriented for a day and required looking after. I tried to be as much help as I could. In between stints visiting I managed to get packed for the weekend and fit a run in I took a route via Toni’s house and dropped some stuff off to Muff then ran around the area of the flat I have bought. 5.00 48:18 av pace 9:39 ahr 127.

Fri 25th:Off to Sunderland today to visit an old friend, Keith and his wife Chris. I travelled by train and arrived in Newcastle just before lunch. I was to meet Keith at 3pm so took the chance to have a look around Newcastle city centre, before heading to Sunderland on the Metro. Keith picked me up and after a swift cuppa and a wash we headed out to a pub for tea. When we returned Chris made the very wise decision to head for bed and leave us to our reminiscing.

Sat 26th:Headed to an attraction called Eden camp which is an ex POW camp in Yorkshire. Great exhibits and a full day out. Once back in Sunderland Keith and I headed out to a local pub to see a Glam rock band! It meant another late night but was worth it!


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