Hardest hill climbs in Fife?


Monday 28th April, I have been on holiday for four weeks now during that time I have done a fair bit of traveling, albeit all in the UK and managed to keep my training ticking over.  I have done one race and climbed 3 munros, but every holiday has to end!

This week will see a marked increase in both running and biking training.  It is only 47 days to the Caen marathon and although I do not intend going for any sort of time I had best get some long runs in and some speed sessions just to give the legs a shake up.  Also looming on the horizon, 138 days, is the Mont Ventoux challenge hence my ride today up two of Fifes “best” climbs.


30.7 miles 2:25:56 2,450 ft of climbing up Purrin den and Craigmead from Falkland.  AHR 125 MAX 158 Av spd 12.5 mph Av Cad 61.

A great ride with the objective being to get as much hill time in as I could.



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