A property owner (nearly) at last.

Its been a busy week for me this week hence one post and that being done on the 10:12 from Newcastle to Edinburgh on my return from a weekend visiting friends, more of which later.
I have been looking for property for a while now and will admit to getting a bit antsy as the weeks went by and I still did not have anyplace to move to in June when my lease finishes. I have been revisiting properties I discounted for one reason or another as very little was coming on the market. I revisited Octavia st a flat v sim to one I had let slip earlier and decidedx to offer on it. I made an offer which was accepted and hope to have the keys on 19th May! To say I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders is an understatement!
The remainder of the week has flown by with very little in the way of serious training being done, in my defence I am on holiday still!
Monday I managed to fit in a 5 mile trail run 48:06 and a 26 mile bike ride. Looking for some hills and working hard on them, in 1:57:23. The days activities finished with a yoga class which has restarted after a 2 week break.
Tuesday I managed a very short hill reps session 3.2 miles 35:03 and only 3 hill reps.
Wednesday was a bike ride along the coastal path and coast road with Muffie. A great day weather and ride wise, with a visit to a new cafe and a farm shop 21.8 miles in 3:42:28. Once again I finished the day off with a yoga session.
Thursday saw me on a run around the area of my new home 5 miles 48:18. Unfortunately Muffs mother had collapsed. I spent quite a bit of the day and night helping where I could and finally got home and packed for my trip to Sunderland.
Friday no training today an early start for my trip to Sunderland to see Keith and his wife Chris. Keith is an ex forces buddy of mine whom I got in touch with after about 30 years! Friday evening we went to a pub for a lovely meal and the remainder was spent drinking and reminiscing Chris wisely went to bed while we retold favourite tales and relived legendary drinking session…..different days!!
Saturday we visited a attraction called Eden Park an ex POW cap from WW2 excellent attraction! Sat evening Keith and I wen out to see a Glam rock band wee bit ropey but good fun!
Which brings me back to now and on my way home to see Muff, Ill bring the curtain down there!


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