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Quotes, Climbing and Goodbye to me.

Thursday 29th May-Diary, continued with work at the flat.  The more time I spend there the easier it is to visualise how it will look.  Three distinct themes at the moment-vestibule, hall and main bedroom a traditional look, but very bright, with painted wooden floors, the lounge contempary with laminate flooring, the second bedroom will be kitted out as a gym or fitness room.   

It had been my intention when I retired to undergo a number of training courses aimed at being a PT so far I havent done any, its hard work this retirement lark.  I have my first client interview on saturday one of the ladies from Glenrothes Tri Club.

Sport-Hilly 20 miler with 2 ladies from the tri club.  Slow ride but my objective for the ride was to get climbing practice in which I did.  24.9 miles 1993 ft 1:49:41 ahr 118 av spd 13.6. a good ride with one of the girls putting in a few extra miles when she took a wrong turn.

Friday 30th-More work at the new flat moved some stuff,  and stored it in the shed.  More measuring up and ideas flooding my mind! Spent most of the morning on phone and web organising insurance, phone, broadband and other utilities.  Now thinking about having the kitchen redone! I have had a number of tradesmen around to look at work I want done and have decided on who I want but with a 10 day cycling trip to France looming getting some of the work done might be tricky.  The rest of the day was lost in a bit of a haze as it was my retirement drink!


Frustration, elation and IKEA!

Monday 26th:Diary- not much sleep last night.  Should have picked up the keys to my flat today and was really excited.  However it was not too be.  After hanging about doing a lot of nothing finally got a call at about 4 to say I would not be getting the keys today.  What a wasted dayI nevereven went and ran in case a call came for me to collect them.  Yoga at 6 did not do much to help me elax!

Tuesday 27th: Diary:Got up early and went for a run first thing to get it out of my system.  5.5 miles in 50:51 was good to get out.  Called solicitors and was told he would not be available till 2 pm.  Finally got call at 2:30 saying keys were ready to pick up, unfortunately I had the dentist at 3pm!  Shot down to estate agents after dentists, 1 filling and £80 later, picked keys up and went to my flat.  Decided to give yoga a miss and get some measuring up started.  Called up the property maint folks and the damp will be treated on Monday and Tuesday.  Card and bott of wine waiting from previous owner!

Wednesday 28th:Spent the day in Edinburgh firstly at Straiton retail park looking for furnishings and a bed then down to Sweatshop for Carol to get a gait analysis and new shoes.  A successful day on all counts.  Took Carol home dropped off her shopping and headed to mine after a cuppa.  I popped into mine for some tools and headed to my new flat to get it ready for the guys coming to fix the damp.  Got most of the work done but need to get to the dump to clear some space so called it a night!

Ideals homes, GSoA, Riverside museum and the Clockwork Orange

A weekend away to Glasgow with Carol.  Main purpose was to go to the Scottish Ideal Homes exhibition which we did on the Saturday, straight off the train at the SECC.  I wasn’t looking to buy anything  just for ideas and the names of some companies or products.  It was good with loads of exhibitors and a lot of individual designer works especially in wood.  After spending most of the day at the show we headed for our hotel by foot and had a scenic walk up to the west end of Sauchiehall Street, after booking in we headed to Kelvingrove park for a walk in the sun.  Carol wasn’t familiar with the university so we spent some time looking at the buildings and wandering around the quadrangle.

After a wash and change we headed up Sauchiehall Street for some people watching and food, both of which is available in abundance.  While walking up the street we came across the remains of the GSA the smell of burning was still in the air and the road cordoned off with one of Glasgow’s finest barring entry!  We found an Indian restaurant and headed in for food.  We had a good meal ordering two different dishes and sharing them.  After food we headed back to the hotel as the rain started to fall.

The deal with the hotel had included breakfast so we were up early to take advantage of it and make sure that we had our fill so that we would not have to use time during the day to eat.  We set off for Kelvinhall station on the “Clockwork Orange” Glasgows underground.  We spent 30 mins on the Subway and got off at Partick and headed for the Riverside Museum which houses the Museum of Transport and won Museum of the year in 2013.  The building is a stunning design and is located right on the River, clue is in the name!  The contents of the museum and the layout are absolutely amazing, I wont go into detail but suffice to say it is well worth a visit if you are in the city.

After spending a little too much time we had to run to get our train back to Kirkcaldy via Edinburgh and the end of a very enjoyable weekend! 

Bike fit, Theatre, a sad ocassion and researching furniture.

Thursday 22nd May-Diary, Bike fit day only the bike fitter didn’t seem to think so, we rescheduled for two hours later and I was left at a bit of a loose end!  Having planned a long run and looking for new specs they both went down the pan!  The bike fir took 2 hours and I felt a diff almost immediately of course that was only on the turbo!  Theatre tonight was the curious incident of the dog at midnight an excellent production and one to put on your list or read the book.

Sport- with a disrupted day I was still determined to fit some sort of run in.  4 miles 36:24 av pace 9:06 ahr 119.  Took the chance to put a letter through the door of MY flat and post some other letters.

Friday 23rd May-Diary, up early this morning to get morning cycle in before heading for the funeral and wake of a friend who died two weeks ago.  After the wake I headed for the local shops with the intention of just taking 30 mins over 3 hours later I headed home and out again to the post office to post my EBay sales out.  Where did the 3 hours go?  PC world investigating wireless sound and furniture shops to get ideas for the flat.

Sport-First bike after the ike fit.  Could feel the improvement on my bike position almost immediately.  Change is most noticeable on climbs with moe power going into my left leg.  17.03 miles 1:09:57 av spd 14.6 ahr 115 and cad 77

Pickups and cadence work. Pantani the movie.

Tuesday 20th May-Diary, The lump sum from my ex employer has landed!! Contacted solicitor about an entry date on next Monday and got the go ahead. The rest of the day was a blur as my mind worked overtime on how I wanted the flat to look.
Training-Needed something hard to keep my mind on the run but not too hard that I tired myself out for my cadence session on the bike. Decided on 5 pickups of 100m with 100m rest. The run was just fine enough that I needed to concentrate on my form but not too long that it was punishing! 3.18 miles 29:48 av pace 9:22 5 pick ups = 20, 21, 19, 21 & 19 secs, AHR 123
Bike-Out and back to Muiredge wee ring high cad on way out big ring overgear on way back. Totals= 12.34 49:26 av spd 15mph AHR 132 av cad 88.
Weds 21st May- Diary Day off in Edinburgh bought a new laptop and went to see Pantani. Oh and bought a flat!!! Money moved and payment confirmed. Happy chap. Went running with Carol, she has been running secretly for 2 months and I never had a clue. However she has gait problems and might give it up I hope not. Trying to get her too get her gait analysed and buy new shoes.

MTAF + 1

When I was talking about retiring a few of my ex colleagues made the point “Oh you will have loads of time to train then” which fundamentally is correct but it also means I have more time to recover! Today is a take it easy n see how things go kind of day. With a good nights sleep behind me I decided that I would hop on the Giant for a little trip to Leslie Bike Shop to see if a front rack was available. Unfortunately it wasn’t so I returned and started to pack my panniers as if I was going to France. I dried my tent which is damaged more than I thought. It will go to France with me and if it survives good. So today’s efforts were an 8 mile bike and my usual Monday yoga.

That was a weekend that was-The Muckle Toon Adventure Festival

Prob best that I apologise now for what is going to be a very long post!

Friday I packed all the required gear, tent, mat, stove, sleeping bag, food, running gear 2 sets of biking gear and all the rest of the “stuff” you need!, oh and two of my bikes! and set of for Langholm in the Scottish Borders.  It was a bright sunny day and a delightful drive down.  I arrd at 3 pm and got my tent set up and a brew on!  I have a lightweight tent which normally goes up no bother but not on Friday, closer inspection revealed two tears in the fabric.

The uphill TT was my first event of the weekend my first uphill TT and my first TT in about 3 years.  There was quite a few entries and the organisation was slick.  I had registered early and was off 4th.  1.55 miles 500ft  av cad 82 av spd 7.9 11:42.  A good event with loads of support out on the route.  Time is unofficial as results for the weekend are not available yet.

I got a good sleep on Friday night which is unusual for me on a first night camping as I normally cant settle at all! 

Up bright eyed and bushy tailed Saturday morning for my first event of the day a 13 mile MTB sportive run by Evans Cycles.  Once again this was my first time at an MTB event.  Evans cycles was running the event with a medium ride and long ride in a sportive format which meant that you could start anytime between 0830 and 1000, it was the same for the road sportive the following day.  I got away at just before 0900 on my Specialised 29er hardtail.  There was a short section of road to start then a brutal climb up to the off road section.  I had selected the shorter of the two rides because it was my first and I was doing the trail 10K in the afternoon.  There was no doubt that I was lacking in two areas- technical skill and the hardtail which is as it left the factory just wasn’t good enough.  If I was considering pursuing this type of cycling I would need to increase my skill level and purchase another bike.  I did complete it but cant really say that I enjoyed the event.  13 miles 1:48:45 1929ft of climbing AHR 129 av spd 7 mph.  I finished with a little over 2 hours to spare before the 10K.  I got some fluid and rest and then went a registered for the run.  This was a much more satisfying event for me prob because I was back in my comfort zone! The route headed through the town for a short while and then into the trails around Langholm.  It was at about 3K my legs realised they were running and not going around in circles.  6.5 miles on the Garmin 58:11 722 ft of climb AHR 155 av spd 8:54.  Shower, food, compression and rest and out to a talk by G O’bree a Scottish cyclist of some fame!

Once more sleep came easy hardly surprising I suppose.  Unfortunately winds picked up and I was awakened at 4am by the sound of canvas flapping!  I managed to get back to sleep and was up once more nice and early to register for what was my main event of the weekend a 90 mile road sportive once more run by Evans cycles.  A very popular event I got off at 8:45 in the second group of riders.  It was a great event well signed and on virtually traffic free minor roads we went as far south as Gretna Green and at one stage were in Cumbria.  Unfortunately I missed a turning after the first feed station and after an 8 mile loop ended back there!  I meventually got back on the course but had missed a timed cut off for the 90 miler so continued on the medium route but still ended up with 82.2 miles 5:55:16 5660ft of climb av spd 13.9 av cad of 76.

A slow drive home with a fluid break, some unpacking and through to Carols for a bath. And that was a weekend that was!