Intervals, hills, The book thief and King Lear.

Diary: Monday 28th April, last  full week holiday before I return to work for my retirement!  Spent some of the day with normal boring stuff unpacking, washing, drying and ironing as well as trg of course!

Stats: Hilly route on the bike 30.5 miles in 2:23:17 av speed 12.8 2450ft of climbing all seated.  Yoga tonight 1:30 excellent session.

Diary:Tuesday 29th April,   a busy day today dont know how I managed to do all this stuff and work! Hardly looked my kindle in all the time I have been off I have been too busy for starters but am seriously thinking about going back to The Real Thing!

Stats: Run 4x .5 mile ints with .25 recovery 7.4 miles in 1:09:52 av pace 9:41ahr 131 mhr 162 ints in z4.  Bike cadence session all climbs seated 21.7 miles 1:41:48 av spd 12.8 mph 1720ft climb

Diary:Weds 30th Apr, Rest day today spent the day with Carol in St Andrews then went to the Book Thief in the Adam Smith hall an excellent film and very thought provoking.

Diary:Thurs 1st May, spent most of the morning on the laptop searching for places to stay for the Tour de France finally got an apartment in Wetherby!  Cant wait!  Just have to look at travel and other logistics now.  Out again tonight back to the Adam Smith hall for the NT production of King Lear-bigger bodycount than a Tarantino movie!

Stats: Bike, went out around the GTC duathlon cycle route to check it out for hazards.  27.4 miles 1288 ft climb av spd 12.8 ahr 126.



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