The sights you see on a long run

I was on my long run yesterday the route was a mix of country, coastal path and in town, Kirkcaldy.
Whilst out in the country I saw the usual mix of wildlife. It was in the town that I saw some strange sights!
I stopped for awhile to watch as a tradesman pointed some stonework by the side of my route. Like anyone who is good at their trade the worker made it look so easy but from the amount of botched repointing work I have seen in my search for a flat I know this is not the case!
The second sight was a consignment of coffins being unloaded into a funeral home.
Third sight was that of a heavily laden hiker who by his burden was camping along with him was his dog, a healthy looking mongrel which was also heavily burdened with some sort of canine saddlebags!
Fourth and last was the greyhound who, when he seen me running past tried to keep up. I am happy to say he had no chance-due mainly to the fact he only had 2 legs!


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