Training to objectives.

Diary: Monday 5th May the last week of my holidays!  Bank holiday today so not much happening.  Not heard from lawyer yet and no use trying to call them today.  Nice easy day with only yoga on the agenda as I am planning a long run tomorrow.

Diary:Tuesday 6th May first meeting, as a committee member, of the GHWC.  Decided that when I retire I would like to put something back into activities and clubs.  When I looked at the club meeting dates Im away for almost half of them.  On the bright side I won first prize in the raffle!

Sports: Long run 14.36 mile in 2:16:40 av pace 9:31 ahr 135.  Usual route with an extension thru Ravenscraig Park.  A good run and dead on the pace I wanted although the objective for the day was to increase the time on feet!

Diary:Weds 7th May long lie this morning and then straight down to the shops from Leven.  Was meant to be a quick visit to the bank but ended up being there for over 2 hours!  Found myself looking at furniture in a recently opened “restored” furniture shop.

Sports:Hilly bike, objective of todays ride was to get more climbing in and certainly made that.  38.35 miles in 3:11:14 av pace 12mph ahr 122 with av cad 72 3005 ft climbing.    


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