Back to work………….to retire

Diary:Thurs 8th May an early rise, breakfast and headed to Mossmorran for my last full day of employment.  Seems strange and changes have happened in the month that I have been off.  New carpet laid, some new starts and my replacement has been sick since I left to go on my extended vacation!  No training today.

Friday 9th my final day at work.  I bought some sticky buns and put out a mail to let everyone know I was in, but not for long, and to nip in and see me.  Called to a meeting to find a huge chocolate cake waiting!  A well attended presentation at 11:45 and a quick cobbled together speech was my final duty as an employee of Big Oil.

Trg:Damn you Strava.  Was planning to do an easy 6 mile run but checked Strava and noticed that I had been pushed off CR spot on a nearby short running segment! So I set off to get it back and did!.  3.9 miles in 34:12 av pace of 8:43 ahr 133 46 secs up on the CR.

Diary Sat 10th Busy day today.  Haircut and shave at Turkish barbers ready for my retirement dinner.  Got a call from one of the guests to say that he cant make it.  Went to Carols to get changed and help her into her outfit.  She looked amazing unfortunately I don’t have any pics.  The dinner was at The Grange Inn near St Andrews and was very good.  I got another gift from some of the guests a cask strength bottle of single malt Arran whisky!

Trg:Bike run brick with members of the GTC.  Led a bike around the new duathlon course then took them through some hill reps.

Diary Sun 11th.  Lazy day with Carol.  Long lie and a wee walk along the coastal path.  Caught up with blog while having a beer.  


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