And finally officially retired!

Musings:Well that’s it, had the presentation, been to my retirement dinner and even got my P45!A new chapter in my life begins already some of my plans or ideas have changed and they will continue to change as I see fit. I don’t intend letting the grass grow under my feet and have lots of stuff planned, makes having a smartphone ideal.
Diary:Monday 12th little FB post to wind ex colleagues up this morning and no Monday Morning Blues! I have decided that I do need some sort of order to my day or, as I found on my holiday the day diss and nothing gets done. So I got the instructions out for my bedside radio alarm and set it for 0759 and the Radio Scotland news.
Training:Morning run around my new property just to find shops, pubs and green spaces. 6.2 miles 58:15 av pace 9:28 ahr 132. Afternoon bike 23.8 miles 1:38:17 1,073 ft climb ahr 123. Easy bike with efforts on the hills. Yoga.

Diary:Tues 13th Starting to pack and get my entry info together for the weekend. Packed my G Obree book and hopefully will get it signed on Sat at the talk. Wee trip down the street and arranged a meeting with the vendor to have another look at the flat.
Training:Fit for duty session in the morning first for a while. Really enjoyed it. Went out on the 29er some single track and obstacle practice. 4.4 miles 29:28 104 ahr. Yoga.

Diary:Weds 14th Bad news about flat found out the money will be later than I thought luckily the seller is not too concerned so I wrote to lawyer and asked to change entry date. RSC at AS with Toni and Muff. More packing.
Training:Run out to WWWI this morning 6.1 miles 59:21 av pace 9:47 ahr 120.


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