That was a weekend that was-The Muckle Toon Adventure Festival

Prob best that I apologise now for what is going to be a very long post!

Friday I packed all the required gear, tent, mat, stove, sleeping bag, food, running gear 2 sets of biking gear and all the rest of the “stuff” you need!, oh and two of my bikes! and set of for Langholm in the Scottish Borders.  It was a bright sunny day and a delightful drive down.  I arrd at 3 pm and got my tent set up and a brew on!  I have a lightweight tent which normally goes up no bother but not on Friday, closer inspection revealed two tears in the fabric.

The uphill TT was my first event of the weekend my first uphill TT and my first TT in about 3 years.  There was quite a few entries and the organisation was slick.  I had registered early and was off 4th.  1.55 miles 500ft  av cad 82 av spd 7.9 11:42.  A good event with loads of support out on the route.  Time is unofficial as results for the weekend are not available yet.

I got a good sleep on Friday night which is unusual for me on a first night camping as I normally cant settle at all! 

Up bright eyed and bushy tailed Saturday morning for my first event of the day a 13 mile MTB sportive run by Evans Cycles.  Once again this was my first time at an MTB event.  Evans cycles was running the event with a medium ride and long ride in a sportive format which meant that you could start anytime between 0830 and 1000, it was the same for the road sportive the following day.  I got away at just before 0900 on my Specialised 29er hardtail.  There was a short section of road to start then a brutal climb up to the off road section.  I had selected the shorter of the two rides because it was my first and I was doing the trail 10K in the afternoon.  There was no doubt that I was lacking in two areas- technical skill and the hardtail which is as it left the factory just wasn’t good enough.  If I was considering pursuing this type of cycling I would need to increase my skill level and purchase another bike.  I did complete it but cant really say that I enjoyed the event.  13 miles 1:48:45 1929ft of climbing AHR 129 av spd 7 mph.  I finished with a little over 2 hours to spare before the 10K.  I got some fluid and rest and then went a registered for the run.  This was a much more satisfying event for me prob because I was back in my comfort zone! The route headed through the town for a short while and then into the trails around Langholm.  It was at about 3K my legs realised they were running and not going around in circles.  6.5 miles on the Garmin 58:11 722 ft of climb AHR 155 av spd 8:54.  Shower, food, compression and rest and out to a talk by G O’bree a Scottish cyclist of some fame!

Once more sleep came easy hardly surprising I suppose.  Unfortunately winds picked up and I was awakened at 4am by the sound of canvas flapping!  I managed to get back to sleep and was up once more nice and early to register for what was my main event of the weekend a 90 mile road sportive once more run by Evans cycles.  A very popular event I got off at 8:45 in the second group of riders.  It was a great event well signed and on virtually traffic free minor roads we went as far south as Gretna Green and at one stage were in Cumbria.  Unfortunately I missed a turning after the first feed station and after an 8 mile loop ended back there!  I meventually got back on the course but had missed a timed cut off for the 90 miler so continued on the medium route but still ended up with 82.2 miles 5:55:16 5660ft of climb av spd 13.9 av cad of 76.

A slow drive home with a fluid break, some unpacking and through to Carols for a bath. And that was a weekend that was!  


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