Pickups and cadence work. Pantani the movie.

Tuesday 20th May-Diary, The lump sum from my ex employer has landed!! Contacted solicitor about an entry date on next Monday and got the go ahead. The rest of the day was a blur as my mind worked overtime on how I wanted the flat to look.
Training-Needed something hard to keep my mind on the run but not too hard that I tired myself out for my cadence session on the bike. Decided on 5 pickups of 100m with 100m rest. The run was just fine enough that I needed to concentrate on my form but not too long that it was punishing! 3.18 miles 29:48 av pace 9:22 5 pick ups = 20, 21, 19, 21 & 19 secs, AHR 123
Bike-Out and back to Muiredge wee ring high cad on way out big ring overgear on way back. Totals= 12.34 49:26 av spd 15mph AHR 132 av cad 88.
Weds 21st May- Diary Day off in Edinburgh bought a new laptop and went to see Pantani. Oh and bought a flat!!! Money moved and payment confirmed. Happy chap. Went running with Carol, she has been running secretly for 2 months and I never had a clue. However she has gait problems and might give it up I hope not. Trying to get her too get her gait analysed and buy new shoes.


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