Bike fit, Theatre, a sad ocassion and researching furniture.

Thursday 22nd May-Diary, Bike fit day only the bike fitter didn’t seem to think so, we rescheduled for two hours later and I was left at a bit of a loose end!  Having planned a long run and looking for new specs they both went down the pan!  The bike fir took 2 hours and I felt a diff almost immediately of course that was only on the turbo!  Theatre tonight was the curious incident of the dog at midnight an excellent production and one to put on your list or read the book.

Sport- with a disrupted day I was still determined to fit some sort of run in.  4 miles 36:24 av pace 9:06 ahr 119.  Took the chance to put a letter through the door of MY flat and post some other letters.

Friday 23rd May-Diary, up early this morning to get morning cycle in before heading for the funeral and wake of a friend who died two weeks ago.  After the wake I headed for the local shops with the intention of just taking 30 mins over 3 hours later I headed home and out again to the post office to post my EBay sales out.  Where did the 3 hours go?  PC world investigating wireless sound and furniture shops to get ideas for the flat.

Sport-First bike after the ike fit.  Could feel the improvement on my bike position almost immediately.  Change is most noticeable on climbs with moe power going into my left leg.  17.03 miles 1:09:57 av spd 14.6 ahr 115 and cad 77


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