Ideals homes, GSoA, Riverside museum and the Clockwork Orange

A weekend away to Glasgow with Carol.  Main purpose was to go to the Scottish Ideal Homes exhibition which we did on the Saturday, straight off the train at the SECC.  I wasn’t looking to buy anything  just for ideas and the names of some companies or products.  It was good with loads of exhibitors and a lot of individual designer works especially in wood.  After spending most of the day at the show we headed for our hotel by foot and had a scenic walk up to the west end of Sauchiehall Street, after booking in we headed to Kelvingrove park for a walk in the sun.  Carol wasn’t familiar with the university so we spent some time looking at the buildings and wandering around the quadrangle.

After a wash and change we headed up Sauchiehall Street for some people watching and food, both of which is available in abundance.  While walking up the street we came across the remains of the GSA the smell of burning was still in the air and the road cordoned off with one of Glasgow’s finest barring entry!  We found an Indian restaurant and headed in for food.  We had a good meal ordering two different dishes and sharing them.  After food we headed back to the hotel as the rain started to fall.

The deal with the hotel had included breakfast so we were up early to take advantage of it and make sure that we had our fill so that we would not have to use time during the day to eat.  We set off for Kelvinhall station on the “Clockwork Orange” Glasgows underground.  We spent 30 mins on the Subway and got off at Partick and headed for the Riverside Museum which houses the Museum of Transport and won Museum of the year in 2013.  The building is a stunning design and is located right on the River, clue is in the name!  The contents of the museum and the layout are absolutely amazing, I wont go into detail but suffice to say it is well worth a visit if you are in the city.

After spending a little too much time we had to run to get our train back to Kirkcaldy via Edinburgh and the end of a very enjoyable weekend! 


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