Frustration, elation and IKEA!

Monday 26th:Diary- not much sleep last night.  Should have picked up the keys to my flat today and was really excited.  However it was not too be.  After hanging about doing a lot of nothing finally got a call at about 4 to say I would not be getting the keys today.  What a wasted dayI nevereven went and ran in case a call came for me to collect them.  Yoga at 6 did not do much to help me elax!

Tuesday 27th: Diary:Got up early and went for a run first thing to get it out of my system.  5.5 miles in 50:51 was good to get out.  Called solicitors and was told he would not be available till 2 pm.  Finally got call at 2:30 saying keys were ready to pick up, unfortunately I had the dentist at 3pm!  Shot down to estate agents after dentists, 1 filling and £80 later, picked keys up and went to my flat.  Decided to give yoga a miss and get some measuring up started.  Called up the property maint folks and the damp will be treated on Monday and Tuesday.  Card and bott of wine waiting from previous owner!

Wednesday 28th:Spent the day in Edinburgh firstly at Straiton retail park looking for furnishings and a bed then down to Sweatshop for Carol to get a gait analysis and new shoes.  A successful day on all counts.  Took Carol home dropped off her shopping and headed to mine after a cuppa.  I popped into mine for some tools and headed to my new flat to get it ready for the guys coming to fix the damp.  Got most of the work done but need to get to the dump to clear some space so called it a night!


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