Quotes, Climbing and Goodbye to me.

Thursday 29th May-Diary, continued with work at the flat.  The more time I spend there the easier it is to visualise how it will look.  Three distinct themes at the moment-vestibule, hall and main bedroom a traditional look, but very bright, with painted wooden floors, the lounge contempary with laminate flooring, the second bedroom will be kitted out as a gym or fitness room.   

It had been my intention when I retired to undergo a number of training courses aimed at being a PT so far I havent done any, its hard work this retirement lark.  I have my first client interview on saturday one of the ladies from Glenrothes Tri Club.

Sport-Hilly 20 miler with 2 ladies from the tri club.  Slow ride but my objective for the ride was to get climbing practice in which I did.  24.9 miles 1993 ft 1:49:41 ahr 118 av spd 13.6. a good ride with one of the girls putting in a few extra miles when she took a wrong turn.

Friday 30th-More work at the new flat moved some stuff,  and stored it in the shed.  More measuring up and ideas flooding my mind! Spent most of the morning on phone and web organising insurance, phone, broadband and other utilities.  Now thinking about having the kitchen redone! I have had a number of tradesmen around to look at work I want done and have decided on who I want but with a 10 day cycling trip to France looming getting some of the work done might be tricky.  The rest of the day was lost in a bit of a haze as it was my retirement drink!


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