Feeling good, Edinburgh trams and bike and be counted.

Sat 31st Woke up this mornng surprised how well I felt after yesterdays celebrations!  Went to a showroom to look at doors and wall coverings for the flat, picked some out and am meeting with the joiner on Weds to discuss the job.  Had a lunchtime meeting with my first prospective client.  Gave her some pointers and advice and hopefully will hear from her when I return from France.

Spent more time at flat tearing carpets up and preparing the walls for the damp proofing work on Monday.  Stayed at Carols and got up early to do the Chariots of fire 5K in St Andrews on the “Chariots” beach!

Sun 1st June sport-Chariots of fire 5K 23:37 happy with time as I havent been doing much speed work!  Then to Leven pick up Carol and her bike and go to mine.  Picked my bike up and we both headed down to the station on our bikes for a tour of Edinburghs bike paths! 

ImageSpent Sun, Mon and Tues on our bikes going around about 60 miles worth of bike paths.  Our hotel was in Portobello  and on sunday after biking from Waverley we went along the prom to find some food and landed in a quirky wee pub called The Espy.  App 12 miles.  On Monday we had an amazing day hardly touching roads and went off the map we had with us heading for Ratho along the canal path.Image  We also went on one of the new Edinburgh trams Imageand through the bike counter on the Meadows. About 30 miles.  Tuesday was a shorter day when we headed for a tearoom in Cramond and along some of the paths we had missed.  Then it was time for home.

I spent some time back at the flat doing some more work before heading to Carols for the night.    


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