France cycle touring trip day one.

5th June-After a late night last night getting everything?? packed and loaded onto my Giant I made it to bed just after midnight and was awoken at 0700.
Shower, food, a pot of tea and a glance outside to check the weather saw me heading for Octavia street at 0800 for a meeting with the joiner before he starts work on the floors and doors of the flat.
The train to London KX was at 0940 as the platform was too short I could not get the bike on the proper carriage till Edinburgh. The trip was uneventful although a smile came over me as we passed the bike paths that Muff and I had cycled just 2 days ago. Sat next to me for part of the journey was an old lady with a West Highland Terrier and although I am not a fan of that breed it was better behaved than some humans!
Arrd in the smoke on time and headed to Victoria stn for the train to Portsmouth harbour. Navigated the London traffic without incident and boarded train on time arriving in Pompey some 2 hours later. After having a quick look at the harbour I cycled to the B n B which is about 500 yds from the ferry port.
Walked into the centre looking for food and ended up at a Wetherspoons where there was a wedding in full swing! Managed to resist the curry and had a pasta and veg salad followed by a fruit n yoghurt dessert. Then ruined it with a half pint of Punters ale.
On the way back I stopped at a morrisons and stocked up with food for tomorrows ten hour ferry trip. Checked out the ferry port as well. Day 5 of ab challenge and bed. Oh for the stats hounds biked 9.45 miles av spd 7.3 mph with 142 ft of climb.


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