War tunnels, coastal ride and seeing the sights.

Day 3 of the France trip. Terrible nights sleep with thunder and lightning for 40 mins. Tent stood up to it well though and everything was dry in the morning except my bike!
Set off following route 1 which is the round island route and covers 40 miles. With detours I covered just over 35 and that was only 3/4 of the island. Spent a lot of time at the Jersey War Tunnel which was a German hospital built into the hills by slave labour. An impressive attraction. As I was walking around though I could not help but wonder what would have become of the Falklands if the task force hadn’t gone to the rescue of the islanders?
I did stick mainly to route 1 but took an occasional detour if something caught my interest which is why the 35 miles took all day I left at 930 and back at 5!
Slightly disapointed in the site it was expensive at £20 a night but the lure of onsite yoga attracted me and I arrd only to be told that there would not be any on this weekend. I suppose its ab chall day 7 outside the tent, that should provide my fellow campers with some amusement. Nor does it have a drying room my towel was wet and the owner offered to tumble dry it for £2.50 I declined and hung it on a fence hoping that it would dry when I was out.
When I left I had no real plan other than see Mont SM and the beaches and be in Caen for Friday before the race. Plan now is to get to Bayeux by Tuesday and use it as a base to visit the beaches, then onward to Caen on Friday.
Time for ab chall day 7, a bit of Dan Brown, food then bed.


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