Goodbye Jersey Bonjour France!

After breaking camp this morning I set off to complete the tour of the Island and visit more wartime relics.  This part of the circuit seemed slightly more undulating and the morning temp was not helping.  As I came into St Helier I was passing the last of the runners in the half marathon and thinking OMG Im doin a full one next week.

The ferry left deqd on time at 14:10 and I am happy to say was a fast one the trip to St Malo taking only 1:20.  As we disembarcked I thought here comes the tricky part driving on the wrong side of the road.  My fears were totally unfounded the roads were well marked, drivers were courteous and I felt at ease almost straightaway.

The ride to M sM was uneventful and apart from a coke stop was done in a oner;  As the Mont came into viewhowever I could feel a grin spreading across my face and the pace lifting.  I cycled straight up the causeway when I arrived and snapped off a few pics, to follow.

I then turned back to the ville and found a campsite.  After pitching my tent and having a shower I had food and a change of plan.  I have decided to stay here for two nights then try and get a train to Bayeux thereby maximising my time at both locations and resting my legs for the marathon.  Time to go and have a look at the Mont as darkness falls:


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