Catastrophe as the French say!

On waking this morning I could not find my moneybelt, now misplacing things is not new to me so I was not too worried.  After searching the tent and emptying every bag I headed for reception.  My last memory of the belt  was going to pay for a second night on the campsite.  It was not there and had not been handed in one of the other guests said he could remember seeing it when I was working away on the PC.  I could only think someone lifted it or waited for me to go then took it.  So today has been a write off and a pain.  Many phone calls later I am going to pick up money tomorrow which Visa have transferred to France.  I have had very little to eat all day but one of the hotel staff has been kind enough to loan me 20 euros so I can eat tonight.

The hotel has helped at least they have not thrown me out and they have let me use the phone.

I biked to Portoson to check on train times for tomorrow and the location of the bank. 

A memorable visit to Mont Saint Michel!!!!!!


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