Money, farewell Mont Saint Michel and touring on a budget

I made the trip into Portoson early this morning and was among the banks first customers. After some form filling and more security questions I left the bank with money in my paws!
First stop bike shop to buy a new lock.
I cycled back to MSM along the cycle path in the sun finding it hard to be upset and with the Mont coming into view decided it was just a life experience to be written off and a lesson learned.
I returned to the hotel paid my debt settled up for the camping and started to pack. I did not need to be offsite till 3 so I decided to go back and do some more exploring on MSM.
It was while I was on the Mont I got some bad news about the flooring, I had wanted it bare wood but no matter what grade of paper was used there was no hope of cleaning the floor up, back to the drawing board on that one. I got a wee lift though when Carol texted to say that other work had been done.
I left MSM at 3 for a wee ride along the canal path again and onto the train station for the train to Bayeux.
An uneventful ride and a speedy pedal into the camping municipal meant I was pitched n showered by 9. An excellent wee site with free wifi and charging facilities and piping hot showers. A wee van at the gates provided a sandwich and an entertaining imitation of someone playing the bagpipes. The site was full of WW2 vehicles last week.


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