A, B and now C done.

Sunday 15th June. I awoke in plenty of time had some food and got changed and slipped out the door. I knew I was heading for 42Km in the least prepared shape ever!
Buses took us from the memorial to Courcelles Sur Mer where we had over an hour to wait for the start. Most of the runners congregated in a small park to try and stay out of the cold wind which was blowing.
The race got underway on time and I settled into a nice slow rhythm realising this was just goin to be a grin and bear it race. The course stuck pretty close to the shore and eventually moved onto the canal side and up until 25K was flat. As soon as it turned off the canal bank it went uphill. The course now undulated for the rest of the distance and came off tarmac for a short way onto grass.
After about 30K with a mix of heat, lack of long runs and the undulations taking its toll I slowed right down and saw the 4hr then the 4:15 markers disappear into the distance!
At the finish we got a medal a t shirt a recovery dring and some food all laid out and well organised. C done. D next.
Now for food and packing up at 6 for the 8:30 ferry.


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