Running again, flat progressing, Will S and shop shop shop!

Friday 20th June-Posting this from a partially completed flat as BT did a “Home Move” and cut me off at Roberts St, all to save me money apparently as a “week bridge” means 2 contracts and a whole lot of hassle!
The flat still looks like a bomb has hit it but at least there is now the smell of fresh paint, drying plaster and the doors are on.
It seems that since I got back I have done nothing else but spend money on furniture, tradesmen and electrical goods with more to be shelled out tomorrow and next week. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I am confident that I will be fully moved in by next weekend.
I have been out for two easy runs each 3 miles and am meeting a friend home from abroad for an early morning cycle tomorrow.
Next week I have a lot of deliveries but should be able to get in a half decent training week around them.
Saw another RSC play last night with Muff and Toni another excellent production.


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