Induction, steaming and book cases!

Monday- Gym induction today after 30 years of a free onsite gym including 15 years of running it and supplying programmes it irks me that I have to pay to use one.  One benefit however is the fact that the machines are current I never did much training rather I just tested out machines I wasn’t familiar with.  Im planning to use the gym 2 or 3 times a week and the sauna once or twice after long runs and bikes. Ran to gym and back to Roberts St total 2.8 miles in 25:01.  Yoga at night. Put Gatorskins on the Ridley as the existing tyres were in need of changing.    More packing and cleaning and hassling of tradesmen.

Tuesday-Octavia St really begining to take shape now.  Called about my bed as I had not heard from Bensons and was informed that it would be delivered Thursday between 0700-1300.  Felt like saying I was trying to get my training back on track how can I manage that if I have to sit about for 6 hours.  It will soon be done and I will get all the training and rest I need. Managed out on the bike screwed up the stats though as I must have knocked the magnet when I changed the tyres.  App 13 miles in 1:00:00 had Garmin set for mile ints which never happened!  Yoga at night.  Back to Carols to plan our wee trip to Yorkshire for Le Tour.

Wednesday-Carol was off so she helped clean up and brought her steamer again a magic wee machine. Got the bookcases built now all I need to do is fill em..  The joiner was in today and laid the bedroom and hall flooring.  The work remaining should be done by Monday and then the painter can finish off.  Should be done by Tues 2 days later than planned but worth it.  Have put a post on the Tri club site offering to run track sessions once a week during school holidays hopfully this might encourage some clients!  Ran to Balwearie to check that it would be ok.  5.94 miles 53:27 av pace 8:59 ahr 129 5 efforts on way down.


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