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Post DRAM week

Tuesday the 29 July, who said retirement was easy?
A good week last week once again more stuff done in the house. One final delivery of furniture and that should be it. Thinking about a wee houswarming celebration!
Had a couple of days off after the marathon but still managed to fit in 3 bikes all easy and short, 2 easy runs, 3 gym sessions and 1 yoga class a good week all told although I was stiff up till about tuesday!
Went out with some ex colleagues for a beer and a curry which was good.
Less than 50 days to my triple ascent of Mont Ventoux so yesterday, Monday, saw the start of a series of bike rides featuring well known local climbs. As my fitness improves I will be going farther afield to search for harder ones.
Now thinking about the outside of my house. Went out and bought a load of pots, Carol is providing the green stuff to put in them and coming along to pot them for me. I need a larger shed and have been trawling the net for a sort of combi summer house and shed. Have seen a couple and will be comparing prices with local suppliers this week. Hopefully I will get the ground slabbed and the new shed in before the end of next month.


Everything coming together!

Cant believe that it has been nearly a week since my last post. Once again the house has taken up most of my time. Free sat finally installed and smart tv up and working. Bought a steam cleaner and have been using that a great wee machine! Finally getting down to the nitty gritty now housewise like deciding where to put pictures, certificates and medals.
Training has went well this week 2 visits to the gym, 3 cycles, 2 runs and 1 yoga class and on Sunday the Dundee marathon. Better run this time about 4:20 still waiting on official time.

T in The Park 2014, settling in and training on track!!

Weds 16th July-Spent last weekend journeying back and forth between Kirkcaldy and Balado to TITP and what a weekend it was. TITP was two and a half days of sun, rain, people watching, and amazing music. It was my first time at the festival and I really enjoyed it. Carol stayed at mine and we bussed it each day from Kirkcaldy the trip taking approx 1 hour even the trip on the bus provided some entertainment!
Friday was a day to wander, watch and explore. Headliners on the Friday were Biffy Clyro who closed the day with the help of a few fireworks. TITP gives new bands or unsigned bands a chance with two stages for that purpose some of which you listen to one track and walk out others like Wolf Alice you stay and listen too. Fridays other highlights were You and me at six and Neon Jungle. A great first day topped off with brilliant weather.
Saturday was main stage day kicking off with The Stranglers and during the day continuing with Twin Atlantic, James, and Paolo Nutini. We are scientists were a find definitely a band to watch. Not so good weatherwise a day when ponchos were on then off then on again. Wellies tomorrow.
The final day was another day not to stray too far from the main stage first on The Red Hot chillis (Pipers) of course this is Scoaaaatlaaaaand you are in! They were followed during the day by Kaiser Chiefs and Paul Weller. After the Chillis we wandered to the Radio 1 stage and caught the end of Inspiral Carpets which looked as if it had been pretty good they were followed by a disappointing Reverend and the Makers! Once more a couple of new bands came to the fore Catfish and the Bottlemen and the Vigo Thieves. quite possibly the band of the day though was Franz Ferdinand who had the crowd in the palm of their hands!
The day ended with a stunning display of fireworks and a see you next year at Strathallan message. TITP was good music, big crowds, missing bands, seeing new bands, surprisingly good and generally affordable food choices – a weekend and a half!
Monday my new tv arrived there is now only one delivery left and that will be my furnishings complete! The flat is taking shape and I am slowly getting stuff put away then moving it and moving it back, I suspect this will go on for months.
Training is getting back on track with a full body session at the gym nothing too heavy. Tuesday I took my weekly track session for the tri club and included a wee brick session. These sessions have been good and hopefully will generate some business for me at the end!

A Reet Good Tour (part two)

Sunday was our last day at Wetherby so we were up early and packing everything into the car ready for our own grand depart.
We headed back to Carols friends and left the car there. The tour was passing across the top of Harrogate so we decided to catch them there and spend the rest of the day in Harrogate then head for the fan hub to see the last hour or so of the race. Once again the crowds were huge on the route and marginally better behaved than yesterday perhaps due to all the tweets sent out! Once the riders had gone past we wandered around Harrogate, did some shopping and had lunch in Carluccios then headed back to the Hub.
Not as busy as yesterday and much easier to get a seat and spread out. We stayed there for the rest of the stage. Then wandered back to Cav Ave said our goodbyes and headed North and home.
An uneventful but tiring drive and approx 5 hours later we were back in the Kingdom trying to wind down from an amazing weekend.
Back with a bump and loads to do in the flat. Although the tradesmen were “finished” I still got them both back to have a look at things I wasnt happy with. The flat though is almost done and is “livable in”.
Deliveries are still arriving with the final one due in August, seats to go with the settee I ordered. Book cases are getting loaded and books are on order to start filling them as I had got rid of a lot of mine when I left my ex-wife, something I regret doing, getting rid of the books that is!!
Needless to say during all this my training has taken a seat so far back you can’t see the bugger! Hopefully after T in the Park that will be sorted as well.

A reet good Tour (Part One)

Wednesday the 9th of July I cannot believe that it is over a week since my last entry on the blog. What can I say these 8 days have flown in and have been all about two things Le Grand Depart and FINALLY moving in!
First Le Grand Depart. Words fail me about how good this whole experience was the media have described it far better than I could. I have too limited a vocabulary to come up with any different superlatives than they did. Carol and I left on Thursday morning with 2 bikes and 4 days worth of “stuff” loaded into my car. We arr in Wetherby at The Swan B and B where we were staying for one night then being moved to the Swan apartments about 400 yards up the road! After unpacking we enquired about a local disused railway track which was now a cycleway/walking path and went out for a run in the sun. Turns out the railway was actually part of the North Yorks cycle network. We then got in the car and drove around to Harrogate to investigate the set up there and of course had food in Bettys. We then drove around to familiarise ourselves with the area then to bed about midnight.
Up early on Friday for breakfast and packing we decided to spend some time in Wetherby and just to move ourselves, which we did. The apartment was really good with views from the living/kitchen area. We set off on our bikes to Harewood Hall scene of the Yorkshire Festival of Cycling. Unfortunately it rained for most of the afternoon and meant a lot of dodging from tent to tent of exhibitors. It also meant a very wet cycle back! Saturday dawned with wet roads but dry skies and we set off in the direction of Harewood hall again once more on bikes intending to make full use of the closed roads. We stopped a few miles from K0 to watch the TDF caravan go by and grab some freebies. Then jumped on the bikes heading towards Otley but really looking for a sensible place to stop. The crowds were fairly big and every village seemed to have something on or a display or both. We stopped outside Pool at an area with toilets and burger vans for some refreshment and decided to stay there. We parked ourselves on a long straight and awaited the riders coming through. An early breakaway shot by much to our surprise and was soon followed by the rest of the Peleton. Once it was safe to do so we jumped back on our bikes and headed towards Harrogate and the finish line. The ride was about 10 miles and the road was flooded with cyclists of all shapes and sizes on machines of all shapes, makes and cost! Once in Harrogate we headed for a friends of Carols and left the machines there. We headed for the fan hub and the huge viewing screen not really through choice but realised that with us both being 5 foot 4 tall it was unlikely we would see anything out by the barriers in crowds that were just huuuuuuugeeee. The result as they say is history. After the race had finished we strolled our way round the centre just soaking up the atmosphere. IMG_0426[1] We then headed back to Carols friends, who believe it or not live in Cavendish Avenue, and after some drinks got on our bikes and headed back to Wetherby a little over 10 miles mostly on quiet roads or cycle track.

Ending the week with a Bang!!

It has been 3 years 6 months and 1 day since I moved into my flat in Kirkcaldy I locked the door for the last time on sunday after returning from the EIFF premier of We’ll never have Paris.

Since my last post on weds all I have been doing is packing, moving, unpacking and sorting.  All my possessions are now in my new flat which is still having work done on it.  A tradesman let me down and that meant that progress was delayed by about a week thankfully I am able to stay at Carols but still feel a bit in limbo.

It is now Tuesday 1st July.  The joiners are nearly finished and the painters come in tomorrow.  On Thursday Carol and I leave for Yorkshire and 4 days at Le Tour!!!

Today I have managed to take a track session with members of the Glenrothes Tri club and also went to the gym for the first time since I joined for a quick full body circ.