A Reet Good Tour (part two)

Sunday was our last day at Wetherby so we were up early and packing everything into the car ready for our own grand depart.
We headed back to Carols friends and left the car there. The tour was passing across the top of Harrogate so we decided to catch them there and spend the rest of the day in Harrogate then head for the fan hub to see the last hour or so of the race. Once again the crowds were huge on the route and marginally better behaved than yesterday perhaps due to all the tweets sent out! Once the riders had gone past we wandered around Harrogate, did some shopping and had lunch in Carluccios then headed back to the Hub.
Not as busy as yesterday and much easier to get a seat and spread out. We stayed there for the rest of the stage. Then wandered back to Cav Ave said our goodbyes and headed North and home.
An uneventful but tiring drive and approx 5 hours later we were back in the Kingdom trying to wind down from an amazing weekend.
Back with a bump and loads to do in the flat. Although the tradesmen were “finished” I still got them both back to have a look at things I wasnt happy with. The flat though is almost done and is “livable in”.
Deliveries are still arriving with the final one due in August, seats to go with the settee I ordered. Book cases are getting loaded and books are on order to start filling them as I had got rid of a lot of mine when I left my ex-wife, something I regret doing, getting rid of the books that is!!
Needless to say during all this my training has taken a seat so far back you can’t see the bugger! Hopefully after T in the Park that will be sorted as well.


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