Post DRAM week

Tuesday the 29 July, who said retirement was easy?
A good week last week once again more stuff done in the house. One final delivery of furniture and that should be it. Thinking about a wee houswarming celebration!
Had a couple of days off after the marathon but still managed to fit in 3 bikes all easy and short, 2 easy runs, 3 gym sessions and 1 yoga class a good week all told although I was stiff up till about tuesday!
Went out with some ex colleagues for a beer and a curry which was good.
Less than 50 days to my triple ascent of Mont Ventoux so yesterday, Monday, saw the start of a series of bike rides featuring well known local climbs. As my fitness improves I will be going farther afield to search for harder ones.
Now thinking about the outside of my house. Went out and bought a load of pots, Carol is providing the green stuff to put in them and coming along to pot them for me. I need a larger shed and have been trawling the net for a sort of combi summer house and shed. Have seen a couple and will be comparing prices with local suppliers this week. Hopefully I will get the ground slabbed and the new shed in before the end of next month.


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