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Party time, easy week and unexpected run.

This week was all about the housewarming party.  I have been in my flat for over 3 months now and at last felt that it was as good as as I was going to get it so I decided to have a housewarming.

The summerhouse arrd Friday and after a Mr Angry telephone call to the firm and a revisit from the joiners I was pretty happy with it.  I was planning on having a Jumbo Jenga and Connect 4 tournament and they were to be held in the summer house so to say I was relieved it arrd is an understatement!  I spent friday evening composing a playlist from my eclectic music collection to be played as background music on my bluetooth speaker.

I collected the food from M & S on Sat morning and got the food and drink set up in the second bedroom, which after the party will be my training room.

Guests started arriving dead on 2 and there was a steady exchange of bodies as others came and some went away.  I had prepared a couple of post event smoothies as two of them were coming from a sportive to the party.

DSCF2016 DSCF2015 DSCF2012 DSCF2011 DSCF2010 DSCF2008 DSCF2006

Jenga and Connect 4

Jenga and Connect 4

The summerhouse

The weather held up and we spent all day playing, drinking and eating in the sun, once it cooled and got dark the chimnea was lit and those of us left gathered around and got a heat from the jet like flames!

Most of sunday was spent helping Carol move her son back up to Dundee to Uni.  When we got back to Leven we managed to get out for a run together.

Trg for the week 2 yoga classes 2 resistance sessions, 2 runs and 1 cycle.


My A-Z marathon challenge

Why an A-Z marathon challenge?

I was returning from Athens in 2011, my first foreign marathon, when I thought of doing an A-Z after all I had just done A!

The rules were simple discount all previous marathons and ultras, almost 60, the initial letter must come from the name ie Great wall of China marathon or the name of the city ie Berlin and the final “rule” the challenge must be done in alphabetical order!

There was no time limit and no location boundaries.


Training, cleaning and shopping.

The week of the party. I have a to-do list that if it was a bale of hay would be big enough to choke a horse. The food is on order and “just” has to be collected on Saturday morning but there is still drink and what is fondly called “nibbles”, which is a total misnomer as people seem to Hoover them up rather than nibble them, to buy.
There may well be some guests reading this blog so no more about the party.
Monday and Tuesday training went well with 1 bike, 1run, 1 gym session and 2 yoga classes. I knew weds n Thursday would be busy so had more or less written them off I did however manage a gym session on Thursday.
The house is looking like a battlefield I have rearranged the furniture and getting stuff ready to go into storage in the new shed. I have also borrowed a load of stuf from Carol for the party including chairs and a chimnea!
Acceptances are coming in, some on FB some by text and some face to face hopefully with it starting at 2 the flat wont get too busy!
I doubt very much if I will be posting again before Monday. Have a good weekend.

Party prep, garden prep and Fife AC 5K

With 6 days to go to the party food is organised and some party games on order.  I will be doing a playlist for the day approx 10 hours of music! I just hope my new bluetooth speaker can handle it!  Outstanding items are drink, glasses and some extra tables and seats.

Meanwhile in the garden the foundations are finally done and the summerhouse expected on Friday.  The existing shed has been sold and is getting picked up on Thursday.  Meanwhile I have been buying pots and potting plants gifted to me from Muffie as my housewarming present.  Latest additions to the collection are a Rose,a Rhodedendron and a Holly.  The collection is building and room on the patio becoming scarce.  Some of the pots will be going on the veranda of the summerhouse.  Once the summerhouse is up I will consider what else to do in the back garden.  Decking is looking favourite at the moment.

DSCF2024 DSCF2025

Training this week has gone well including running in Fife AC’s final Beveridge Park 5K (22:29).  In total I did 2 resistance sessions, 2 yoga classes, 3 runs and 5 bike runs.




Mid week blog

A midweek blog! 

It seems like a while since I have been able to sit down and do a midweek blog, but with my trips to the Fringe over and school back I find I have a little more time on my hands.  It has not been an uneventful week however with Muffies mother falling and breaking her wrist and requiring an operation to repair it. 

Work in the garden is going on apace with the stones in the front garden laid and the foundations for the summerhouse nearly done.  The summerhouse gets delivered next friday just in time for the party!

Entries and flights are all done for Florenece and the Great wall marathons and flights and trip booked for the Ho Chi Minh trail.  Just have to take a look and see if there are extra hotels I have to book between The Great wall and Ho Chi Minh and get insurance!

Training this week has improved with 3 road cycles, 2 gym sessions, 2 yoga sessions and one run so far this week.

Now its time for bed.

Fringe, marathons and Muffs blow out.

I seem to have spent quite a bit at the Edinburgh Fringe this year 5 days and over 20 shows!  It has meant that other things have suffered but what the heck it was great. I accompanied Carol and Zoe on Weds and Carol and RJ on Saturday, just for the journey.  I decided that Saturday was to be my last day and while I would not say my 2014 fringe ended with a bang I did enjoy the shows I saw.  Gordon and a Game of soldiers.

I now have a world map posted in my “gym” on which to plot my A-Z of marathons.  Things are going apace with the planning of my next 3 marathons-Eden, Florence and The Great wall of China! 

Work in the garden continues with prep of the ground for my summerhouse started and slabs, sand and stone due on Tuesday.  Unfortunately as the summer house is arriving later then first thought I have changed the date of the housewarming a FB event has been posted and invites out.  Finally found a shade for the hall which I liked and got a blind for the living room which is now up and looks great.

I purchased a bluetooth speaker which is great an excellent piece of tech from Spaced 360.

Training has been one of the things suffering due to my days at the Fringe. I have managed to get in 1 resistance session, 1 bike with Muff from Leven to the Cheese farm for soup and a scone and back to Leven till Muffs bike punctured luckily only 1 mile or so from home.  I also managed 3 runs and started my Eden mar trg on Sunday with a 10 miler at MP + 23 secs. That seems to be it for this week.  How quickly days pass especially when you are busy, Muffs holidays are up but of course mine continues!  Until the next time.

Bloody thumbs, old rockers and the Monikie Standard Duathlon

As well as 3 days at the fringe Carol and I were at the Party at the Palace on Saturday. That was after a visit to the chemists to get dressings to try and repair my sliced thumb! I took a chunk out of my right thumb doing the dishes. Strange how it effects nearly everything you do. Weird festival, about 90% of the peeps had chairs so many infact that they had to announce that once the bigger bands came on people would have to stand or move. Musically quite good Deacon Blue were the headliners, The Bluebells were also there. It was a showcase of new talent as well with Attic Lights being the furthest up the bill.DSCF2018
The organisation left a lot to be desired with the drink Q taking about 2 hrs and food about an hour and a half. After paying £65 for a day ticket found out that tickets were being GIVEN away after 2pm. Not a happy bunny.
PATP meant another late night and with cake beer and an episode of the Inbetweeners probably wasnt ideal prep for the Monikie Du the next day!
An early rise, car packed and I was on my way just after 9. I like this race the runs are off road and the road cycle is a challenging course. Result Run 1 24:02 Bike 1:37:39 Run 2 52:10 with transitions 2:57:32