Hills, punctures, dodgy rear wheel and final furniture delivery!

Sunday 3rd August.
Started the hill trg this week with two days climbing Purin Den 1 ascent the first day and 2 on the second. The stats, as gathered from Hillclimbs on Scottish Lowland roads, Distance 1.4 miles ascent 745 feet gradient 10%. Front wheel puncture on day 2 (weds) and little did I know it but some hidden damage to rear wheel which would not manifest itself till saturday! A total of 5 days on the bike with one being a trip to the track to put the Glenrothes Tri Club through a session and Saturdays cycle being cut short due to the damaged wheel mentioned previously. Total of just over 100 miles and 6100 feet of climbing. Three runs, 3 gym sessions and a yoga class completed my physical activity for the week. It is now 41 days to Ventoux and I have entered the Eden Project Marathon in Oct.
The patio has a collection of pots with various plants in them which has brightened up the area.
I now have a plan for the rest of the garden and will be ordering the garden building soon and looking for someone to do a load of slabbing work!
The final delivery of furniture arrived today and with that and the garden plan finalised I have decided to have a wee garden party and house warming later this month.
First though is 3 days at the Edinburgh Fringe!!


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