Fringe time!!!

Friday 8th August. A great 3 days at the fringe. Monday and Tuesday was 2 for 1 day and Carol and I took full advantage of the offer. Monday we went to 6 shows begining with a historical play called The Fair Intellectual Club based on true events in Edinburgh during the Scottish Enlightenment finishing with Cabaret@Le Monde with 4 acts performing for about 15 mins each. Inbetween there was a harp playing Irish comedienne, a monologue about events at Altamont, Knightmare, and the aptly named Red Bastard! A late train home and straight to bed.
Tuesday began a little later with a one man play featuring YES advocate David Heyman a great wee production with a Q & A after it. We then spent 90 mins walking around the hidden gardens of The Royal Mile, a mind boggling production, Lieutenant of Inishmore, was next on the list by In Bruges Martin McDonagh a black comedy indeed although no pussycats were injured during the production! The day was wrapped up with Glen Matlock I was a teenage sex pistol and The Wau Wau sisters naked cabaret!!
Wednesday was slightly slower with Cat in the Hat and Emily Brown and the Thing with my 6 year old grandson.
Then it was back to earth with a bang with major work in the garden taking up the rest of the day and most of the next. Part of it was moving a large amount of chips and on Thursday I woke up all aches and pains. With three days at the fringe planned and a day at a local pop festival I had decided that it was pointless to even think about training except for my Yoga class on Thursday evening.
I did manage to purchase a summerhouse hence the garden work. It should arrive in two weeks.
With my divorce, retirement and house move all behind me I have decided that its time to push my PT aspirations forward.


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