Bloody thumbs, old rockers and the Monikie Standard Duathlon

As well as 3 days at the fringe Carol and I were at the Party at the Palace on Saturday. That was after a visit to the chemists to get dressings to try and repair my sliced thumb! I took a chunk out of my right thumb doing the dishes. Strange how it effects nearly everything you do. Weird festival, about 90% of the peeps had chairs so many infact that they had to announce that once the bigger bands came on people would have to stand or move. Musically quite good Deacon Blue were the headliners, The Bluebells were also there. It was a showcase of new talent as well with Attic Lights being the furthest up the bill.DSCF2018
The organisation left a lot to be desired with the drink Q taking about 2 hrs and food about an hour and a half. After paying £65 for a day ticket found out that tickets were being GIVEN away after 2pm. Not a happy bunny.
PATP meant another late night and with cake beer and an episode of the Inbetweeners probably wasnt ideal prep for the Monikie Du the next day!
An early rise, car packed and I was on my way just after 9. I like this race the runs are off road and the road cycle is a challenging course. Result Run 1 24:02 Bike 1:37:39 Run 2 52:10 with transitions 2:57:32


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