Fringe, marathons and Muffs blow out.

I seem to have spent quite a bit at the Edinburgh Fringe this year 5 days and over 20 shows!  It has meant that other things have suffered but what the heck it was great. I accompanied Carol and Zoe on Weds and Carol and RJ on Saturday, just for the journey.  I decided that Saturday was to be my last day and while I would not say my 2014 fringe ended with a bang I did enjoy the shows I saw.  Gordon and a Game of soldiers.

I now have a world map posted in my “gym” on which to plot my A-Z of marathons.  Things are going apace with the planning of my next 3 marathons-Eden, Florence and The Great wall of China! 

Work in the garden continues with prep of the ground for my summerhouse started and slabs, sand and stone due on Tuesday.  Unfortunately as the summer house is arriving later then first thought I have changed the date of the housewarming a FB event has been posted and invites out.  Finally found a shade for the hall which I liked and got a blind for the living room which is now up and looks great.

I purchased a bluetooth speaker which is great an excellent piece of tech from Spaced 360.

Training has been one of the things suffering due to my days at the Fringe. I have managed to get in 1 resistance session, 1 bike with Muff from Leven to the Cheese farm for soup and a scone and back to Leven till Muffs bike punctured luckily only 1 mile or so from home.  I also managed 3 runs and started my Eden mar trg on Sunday with a 10 miler at MP + 23 secs. That seems to be it for this week.  How quickly days pass especially when you are busy, Muffs holidays are up but of course mine continues!  Until the next time.


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