Training, cleaning and shopping.

The week of the party. I have a to-do list that if it was a bale of hay would be big enough to choke a horse. The food is on order and “just” has to be collected on Saturday morning but there is still drink and what is fondly called “nibbles”, which is a total misnomer as people seem to Hoover them up rather than nibble them, to buy.
There may well be some guests reading this blog so no more about the party.
Monday and Tuesday training went well with 1 bike, 1run, 1 gym session and 2 yoga classes. I knew weds n Thursday would be busy so had more or less written them off I did however manage a gym session on Thursday.
The house is looking like a battlefield I have rearranged the furniture and getting stuff ready to go into storage in the new shed. I have also borrowed a load of stuf from Carol for the party including chairs and a chimnea!
Acceptances are coming in, some on FB some by text and some face to face hopefully with it starting at 2 the flat wont get too busy!
I doubt very much if I will be posting again before Monday. Have a good weekend.


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