Bike and Hike Munro No 194

Thursday 4th September.

An early rise this morning, loaded the car with 29er, maps, food and rucksack and set off for Braemar.  I was headed for a munro called Ben Avon in the Cairngorms and accessed from the walkers car park at Keilloch (£2.50 per day all funds to improvement of the car park).  The plan was to mountain bike as far as I could and then walk the rest.

I had tried this mountain previously and been snowed off so I was sure of most of the way and made good time on the 29er, it rolled over boulders and drainage ditches.  I biked along the trails which were in good condition and easy to follow. I left the bike after about 7.5 miles and 1000ft of climbing.  I left the bike near the Sneck and a good 2 miles further on than the last time, and started up the path towards the summit. 6.8 miles 2h 30mins and 1700 ft.  I had not met anyone all day probably due to a lateish start but when I got to the summit there were 5 other walkers having a break.  I sat and had some food then scrambled up to the summit top and started down towards my bike again.  The weather had been dull but dry but it didnt last and the rain came on just as I was leaving the summit it lasted till I reached the valley floor.

Needless to say the ride back was a loDSCF2027 DSCF2026 DSCF2025 DSCF2023 DSCF2021 DSCF2020t quicker that the ride in almost 40 mins in fact!.




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