Athens-The Classic Marathon

Lets start at the very begining as the song says.  I would not describe Athens as the Classic marathon.

In 2011 the year I ran it the city sanitation and transport workers were on strike and I passed several demonstrations on the way to my hotel.  Lets say that I probably did not see the city in its finest hour!  As when I vist all new cities I took a tour bus and saw the main sights which did not disapoint.

A great view of the city.

A great view of the city.

On the morning of the marathon you make your way to the centre and board buses for the trip to Marathon!!  Gasp excitement or so I thought.  I was convinced that the route would be lined with buildings and monuments unfortunately after being driven to a dreary, dilapidated and windswept stadium we ran back on the dual carriageway we had driven along!

The warm up area!

The warm up area!

Race No 10566.  Time 3:57:40.  Pos 208/2019

Me with ma bling!

Me with ma bling!


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