East Neuk cycle routes, FCP, Summerhouse complete.

Friday 5th Sept-After yesterdays little trip to the Hielans a lie in was on the cards and a rather easier day was planned.  I headed East on the bike towards Leven and St Andrews and after a quick stop at Leven to do a bit pet rescuing I was on my way.  There was no plan for the ride other than to take it easy, stay in the small chain ring and avoid hills!  Huh in Fife you must be joking.  I stuck mainly to quiet roads that were part of the East Neuk cycle paths and 40 miles, 1905 ft and 3 hours later was home wet and unbowed having accomplished what I wanted a nice easy ride. Another call to the summerhouse vendors as it still wasn’t finished despite 2 promises.

When I ws setting up my 3D specs for the new TV I discovered that I had a months free sub to Netflix among the programmes they have available is Dexter a programme I used to follow but when I left my wife I opted for “stean” TV so did not get the channel Dexter was on but here it was on Netflix so I whiled away an hour watching the final episode I had seen 4 years ago as well as two others from the next series!  As I said an easy day.

Saturday dawned nice and bright with the forecast being sunny till 4 Carol and I set off to do another stretch of the FCP (Fife Coastal Path) 6 miles with a stop at the turnaround for lunch in Crail.  The FCP is a great little path I dont think it will ever be as popular as any of its larger Scottish rivals but its pleasent and on my doorstep. The forecast almost hit the nail on the head and we made it back to the car just as the heavens opened.  The evening was spent watching A street car named desire.  Not a film I had seen before.

With the Eden marathon six weeks away I have been a little more disciplined about the long run part of marathon training todays plan was 13-14 miles slightly slower than MP.  The actual run was 13.7 miles in 2:14:49 at just under 1 min slower than MP a satisfying run.  A good end to a good week with 2 6 mile walks, 2 yoga classes, 1 gym session, 20 miles running and almost 120 miles biking.  The summerhouse is finished!!!!


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