Goodbye France hello UK and rail chaos.

Mon 16th. Early rise this morning with surprisingly good feeling legs! Got the bike onto the ferry shuttle and headed for the port. An uneventful, though busy crossing in what appeared to be a fairly new vessel called the MV Mont Saint Michel! I met another cyclist onboard a 70 year old guy who had been cycle camping for 14 days and was headed home to Reading. There was also a Dutch couple on a tandem who were heading to Lands End then just pedalling north to see how far they could get before having to turn back.
I got to the train station in Pompey just in time to hear a London train being announced so I headed for the platform and managed to get a space amongst piles of folks heading back from the IoW festival, only to be asked to leave the train as it was South Eastern rail and I had a Southern ticket! I alighted at Hilsea and waited 30 mins for a train to Havant where I had to change again. The train then stopped altogether and was emptied due to a gas leak near Victoria and everyone had to cross the station and board a train for London Bridge!
The first thing you see when coming out of the station is the Shard an amazing new addition to the London skyline. I negotiated the London traffic safely and found the hotel without much problem, The Howard Winchester about 200 yds from KX!
My original plan had been to catch a show when I was in town but of course limited funds put a stop to that so I just took a wander to St Pancras for some food and headed back to the hotel.
The room was to be vacated at 110 and with my train at 1200 and breakfast at 7-9 this gave me a little time to visit the Brit Lib and see their exhibitions.
then time for the train and home.


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