Garden plans X Deux! Easy week. Something big on my mind.

With the summerhouse finished I needed to make decisions about the rest of the garden. I spent time staking the ground out and humming and haaaing before deciding that I would deck some of it out and have the remainder chipped with more pots. Not adventurous but easy, low maintenance and versatile. At the same time as I was dallying Carol had a landscaper in and decided on the changes to her garden too!
An easy week is planned with Ventoux looming large, literally, at the end of the week.
A hill session and yoga class finished Monday off.
Packing, printing tickets and online booking took up most of tuesday as well as watching several you tube vids of Ventoux descents! Transport is organised down to Liverpool and excitement is mounting!
The regular Tuesday yoga session was hard work mainly because I couldnt stay awake!
Wednesday, usually a long lie and day spent with Carol, dawned with a quick rush home to let a plumber in to have a look at a leak I had discovered, whilst I was doing this Carol was at her flat doing landlord stuff. We managed to meet up and cycle to Blanketyside for lunch and some shopping. Her son now ensconsed at Dundee doing a Uni course came down on a visit and was rear ended at a roundabout. That took care of the rest of Carols day. I headed home and went out for a short run and finished packing and headed for an early bed.


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