Home, rest and back to training.

Although the flight out was pleasant the facilities at Nimes left a lot to be desired.  The “lounge” was packed with passengers for the Liverpool flight with only 4 vending machines and a souvenir shop.  On the two hour flight many people voiced their displeasure at the lack of choice and speed of service.

We reached Liverpoool on time despite a late departure and were soon on our way North with Andrew at the wheel.  A stop at Tebay services for some food and drink and we were on our way again.  We got to Dunblane and swapped cars and Fraser took over driving duties.  I was dropped at my flat and after a quick unpack and freshen up headed to Leven and Muff.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent unpacking and washing with 2 yoga sessions and a hill circuit session in Letham Glen at Muffs.  As previously mentioned we are both getting our gardens done but whilst mine had ground to a halt we worked away at Muffs lifting stones so that the builder would not have as much to do when he arrived on the 22nd to start the job.
During the week I managed to get another run, 3 bikes and a gym session in.

The Kirkcaldy film festival was on Fri to Sunday and we had tickets for 5 films one of which was a gala showing of Goldfinger I took a stroll downtown to hire a dinner suit with white tux unfortunately they did not have one my size. So my plan to surprise Muff on Saturday was a no goer.


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