Berlin 2013

Although I did Athens in 2011 I was unable to get an entry to 2012 Berlin and as I was determined to do it had to wait till 2013 to do so.

As Berlin was billed as flat and fast I did put in a fair amount of training and was hoping for a 3:35.  This was to be my last marathon while I was still at work and one of the motivational tricks I used was posting that time in the works gym where I could see it every time I worked out a powerful tool!

I arrd in Berlin at 10pm on the Friday before the marathon and literally collapsed in bed and fell asleep.  A fitful sleep saw me up and ready for the expo and number collection.  I had done my homework before I left Scotland as I knew time was going to be tight so knew where the expo was and the best way to get there.  The expo was amazing packed with sponsors and distributors and RUNNERS never before had I seen so many runners!  I collected my number and spent about 3 hours wandering round the expo looking at displays trying stuff on and gathering what freebies I could.



After some food I headed back to the hotel but had a walk first to familiarise myself with the start/finish area and the route to the train station……preparation does not end with training for the race!  I managed to take a look at the Pergamon museum which was amazing!!

Pergamon museum entrance

Pergamon museum entrance

Museum exhibit

Museum exhibit

What can I say about the race 40,000 entrants with 36,474 finishers!  It was busy from start to finish.  The weather was ideal for running.  The course takes you round a lot of the main tourist attractions and is dotted with bands and DJ’s.  Well organised and well supported but so busy.  Even at the last water point you were still being jostled and looking for a “line” to get through the crowd.  I didnt make my target time I was 13,272nd in 3:48:38.

After the race it was straight to the Bahnhof and the airport.  Due to a lack of holidays I had no time to spend in the city which was a shame I spent less than 48 hours there.

Posing at the expo

Posing at the expo


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