Kirkcaldy Film Festival

The KFF was on at the AdamSmith theatre from 19th-21st September.  This was the second year of the festival but the first time that we had attended.

Alan Morrison the artistic director chose an excellent selection of films. There seemed to be two themes the First WW and Fife.

Friday-The first film Carol and I went to see was a showing of The Winter Guest directed by Alan Rickman and filmed in the East Nuek of Fife.  It starred mother and daughter Phyllida Law and Emma Thompson, playing a mother and daughter!  The movie follows four sets of characters and the interaction between them over a 24 hour period. Touching and funny well worth seeing I cant believe I have not seen it before. Home and changed for the second movie of the day a showing of Woody Allens 2014 0ffering Magic in the Moonlight starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone.  Set in the 1920’s on the French Riviera its a witty movie with lovely locations and costumes.

Saturday-I went to the first movie alone a showing of Fife’s Paul Wrights debut big screen movie For those in peril.  This is a hard hitting film without any special effects other than the location and camera work.  The evening film was a gala screening of Goldfinger on it’s 50th anniversary.  Carols daughter Zoe was with us and the ladies were all togged up unfortunately I could not hire a tux and let the side down!

Sunday-A first for the KFF with a preview of What we did on our holiday which would get it’s London premier the FOLLOWING evening! I wont spoil the movie for you suffice to say its an amazing film and we will have to see it again we missed so many one liners cos we were laughing at the last one.

An excellent 3 days and an event that will be penciled in on my cal for next year although how they will equal never mind surpass this years programme is beyong me!


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