Friday the 26th Sept was the running of the inaugural Knockhill duathlon.  Knockhill is a motor racing course just outside Dunfermline.

I had been looking forward to this race for quite some time and it did not dissapoint.

The first leg was a 2 lap run 1 lap on the track and one off road around the outside of the circ 2.72 miles 20:20.  The track is undulating to say the least and a joy to run on.  The second lap was a bit rougher underfoot and completed just as it started to get dark.

T1 1:23 and onto the bike for 5 laps of the race track on a road bike.  Racing a bike on the course was awesome you must remember this is made for high speed racing!!  The start had been timed so that lights had to be used and it created quite an effect in the dark.  Five laps 6.23 miles 26:01.

T2 1:16 and onto the final run 1 lap on the outside of the course 1.42 miles 11:14.

Total time for the race 1:00:15 and Supervet category winner!!!!!!

Knockhill trophy

Knockhill trophy


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