Massage time, summers gone and moving to a split routine

I am a great believer in specific training, by that I mean you try and simulate the conditions, terrain or timings of the race you are training for so on Thursday I ventured out to the Lomond hills an area I havent ran in since I trained for the Ben Nevis hill race over 5 years ago,  so I could experience a long off road run prior to the Eden marathon.  It was cold and windy out on the hills just confirming that summer has gone.  Although the mileage was not great that was not the aim I wanted to experience running on rougher terrain with off road shoes objective acheived!

Next on the agenda was a wee treat! At one time I used to get a massage every two weeks and felt the benefit of it but I just got out of the habit and although I have been using a roller and going to yoga my legs were stiff as boards so I made an appt for a massage.  A hot Thai massage, I was on the table for over 90 mins and felt like I could walk on air when I got off the table.

The forecast for Friday was wall to wall rain so when I woke up to clear skies and no rain I decided to move the remainder of the edging stones to Zoe’s and get more of my garden cleared.  My legs were feeling great from the massage so I have decided to try and make it at least monthly again and hopefully time on the table will reduce.  I went out on the Ridley for a short spin granny ring all the way AHR 108.  The forecast rain came sweeping in and I was soon chilled to the bone even under my three layers.  I arrd back home got changed quick time and headed down to the gym for a resistance session and sauna.  That combo soon warmed me up.
Saturday I went out for a wee off road run at a local MTB course at Middleden. I have an off road Duathlon next month and was just looking for a possible training ground.
The rest of Saturday and Sunday was really relaxing Muff came over Saturday night and I cooked her a meal we watched some TV and played giant connect 4 mainly because I thought if I could see it I might win of course I had no chance. 3-0 to Muff. On Sunday after a long lie we went for a walk around the town and had a nose around some of the old buildings in Kirkcaldy and visited a cafe we hadnt been in before due to its location but with my move it means that this cafe is closer.


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