A wee break, Enchantment and Glen Tilt

Monday 6th October-First treadmill run of the season.  Into the gym and a short 5k run with 3 k at Marathon race pace.  Then a resistance session lower body split.  This was the first time in years I had done barbell squats and although I kept the weight light I can feel my legs working.  Yoga at the end of the day helped loosen things off.

On Tuesday afternoon after her work Muff came around to mine got changed and we headed up to Pitlochry.  Bags and bikes were already loaded.  My legs were aching after the split session yesterday and I began to reconsider my split body workout!

We booked into the Carra Beag guest house, changed and went out for a run.  We had tickets for the Enchanted Forest and had not eaten so we kept it short and on a route we were slightly familiar with.  2.15 miles in 23 mins.

After the run we went back got changed again and headed out for food.  After a very satisfying burger each it was back to the B & B changed once more then onto the coach for the trip to the enchanted forest.

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

DSCF2094 DSCF2097 DSCF2102 DSCF2133

The Enchanted Forest is a water, light and sound show in Faskally Woods.

Weds dawned bright and sunny not a cloud in the sky.  Breakfast, packed, car loaded and we headed to the bike shop to get some local knowledge and purchase a map.

We headed off towards Blair Atholl and after some discusion headed for Glen Tilt.  A fabulous day although Muff was not feeling too great we still covered 24.36 miles over 400m of climbing a great day on the bike.


Cycle parking at the Mill

DSCF2154 Tea break

All too soon it was time to head home!


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