Abernethy Dare, Biking with Ashton and plants R us!

The Abernethy Dare was Muffs first outing at a “competitive” event.  We were both expecting to have a fun day out on the MTB’s but a bit of competitive spirit did appear.  The event was billed as “family friendly” and that was one of the reasons I suggested we do it as I thought it would be a relitavely easy day on the bike with a twist.  Of course these things are as hard or as easy as you make them and good map reading can help a great deal but I dont think there was any way we were getting out of doing some climbing!  We did have a lot of fun despite coming last in the mixed pairs category but we wont be doing another.  We covered almost 15 miles with 1300 feet of climbing needless to say my name was mud as was out jackets bikes and shoes.

Sunday I took my Grandsn Ashton out on his, now, unstabilised bike.  Plan was bike for an hour as I thought he would get fed up then the cinema, as it happened we were out on the bikes for almost 3 hours.  It was great fun and he did fall off a frew times but “Mr Empathy” was on hand!

Monday I decided to get stuck into the garden and completed the border around my decking I planted Aubrieta, Saxifrge, Ajuga and Sedum.  Well see how long they all last!  After gardening I went out for a run and headed to the track to do a Cooper test.  Happy with the test as I covered 80m more than August in much worse conditions.  A good omen for Sunday I hope.  After the run I headed to the gym and did a split routine of delts and arms with some abs and the foam roller thrown in for good measure.  All that means a good sleep tonight I hope.


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