Eden looms, sore feet, garden work and my first workshop.

Number and race instructions have arrd for the Eden marathon and I’ll be on my way in a weeks time.  Strangely I have been getting pains in the sole of my left foot so much so that I changed Thursdays run to a much shorter one than planned and one that would keep me close to home if I had to walk home.  Of course there was no pain!  I had planned to do between 14 and 18 but instead cut it short at 10 once more relying on my existing endurance base to get me through the 26.2 miles.  Not a good plan but with other things going on in my busy retired life I feel happy with what I am doing.  I have applied and been accepted for training as a Jog Scotland leader and attend the course in November.

Thursday and Friday I have been busy cleaning our bikes after our foray up Glen Tilt finally got my workshop stand out and set it up what a tool.  I should have bought one years ago!  The garden has been ignored for a few weeks and even though I knew that quite possibly 2 days work would see it finished I ignored it and did other things.  I have resolved to have it done by the end of the month and even if it is only an hour a day I will get it finished.
I ran a postseason training workshop on Thurs evening and although only 1 attended it was a success.
This week and next I am cutting back radically on training prior to the Eden marathon. Saturday Muff and I have the Abernethy dare a MTB orienteering comp really looking forward to it.


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