Lazy days, christmas shopping and preparing for Eden.

One of the advantages of A. Being retired and B. Having a challenge like an A-Z of marathons to run means that you can treat some of the marathons lets say with less urgency or importance than others and experiment with rest periods etc.

I had promised myself an easy week with no biking and 1 or two runs.  I had one session in the gym and 2 home sessions of yoga.  Diet wise I ate more protein than I generally would and intend continuing with that till Saturday.  On Weds I went to a local outlet centre with Muff and did some Xmas shopping not much but at least its a start, usually by now I have everything bought and wrapped ready for distribution!

A nice long lie on Thursday morning will be the last until next Tuesday with a lot of travelling and trains to catch.  I plan to get to London and spend Friday afternoon at the Imperial War Museum I stay in London on Friday then train it to St Austell on Saturday with the marathon on Sunday and a 0530 rise on Monday for the train back to Kirkcaldy.


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